NY Knicks: Mitchell Robinson Tweet adds to confusion over tonight’s availability

Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Ahead of tonight’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, NY Knicks fans have a little guessing game to deal with up until the starting lineups are announced.

Mitchell Robinson has been out of commission since March 27th when he sustained a foot fracture against the Bucks after just 6 minutes of gameplay.

The injury required surgery and we as fans were told not to expect Robinson back until next season potentially. His impact has been greatly missed.

Fast forward a couple of months and the Knicks are in the playoffs.

If taking a tough loss to the Hawks at home in The Garden by just 2 points wasn’t bad enough, the center that had been filling in for the aforementioned Mitchell Robinson went down with an injury of his own during that game.

Now, the fanbase is anxiously awaiting to see if Nerlens Noel will be available or if the savvy veteran Taj Gibson would be getting the nod to start in tonight’s game.

Could Mitchell Robinson return tonight for the NY Knicks?

Definitely not an ideal situation for a team seeing its first postseason action in over 8 years.

As the day went on, a little tidbit of “insignificant” news started to leak out onto Knicks Twitter and the rest of the internet.

Mitchell Robinson’s injury status was upgraded to “Game Time Decision”.

We could interpret that in a number of ways, with the most likely option being that it was an upgrade made in error.

I would have believed that to be the case up until a Tweet was sent out by Mitch from his own Twitter with nothing more than just the “Shifty eyes” emoji.

You can check that Tweet out below and try to determine its meaning yourself.

Now, do I personally believe Mitch will get a chance to play in tonight’s game?

Probably not.

But what a story that would make if he comes in and saves the Knicks in a moment when he’s so sorely needed.

What say you, Knicks fans? Is Mitch gonna save the day for New York?

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