NY Knicks: Another 3 contracts NY can trade for and get a draft pick

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NY Knicks trade target #1 – Kevin Love

Ok, I know what you’re all about to say. I get it. He’s old, he’s injury prone, his contract is huge.

I understand all of that.

But even 75% of what Kevin Love once was could help the Knicks out for a couple of years.

I think this is a feasible option if Obi Toppin were to be included in a trade this offseason and the Knicks wanted to go with more of a veteran presence at the backup 4 spot who would be a much more competent reserve player at the 5.

Obi has made strides in the last few months, but he’s not quick enough to keep up with most small forwards, and not big or strong enough to play down low with most opposing bigs.

Again, I love Obi Toppin and I think he’s going to be great one day but if the Knicks have plans to extend Julius Randle soon, there’s no way Obi Toppin remains on this team.

Here is the trade I came up with:

Kevin Love is due $31 million next year and just under $29 million the year after and is one of the most unmovable contracts in the league.

The Knicks will have approximately $50 million in cap space to play around with, so if they don’t get any of the big name players they wanted, bringing in K-Love and getting a 1st would not be a bad consolation prize.

Kevin Love would help the Knicks by providing them with a great 3-point shooting big off the bench and would also help tremendously with rebounding on either side of the court.

Rebounding on both ends has been an area of concern this season so he would only help to improve.