NY Knicks: 3 Mitchell Robinson offseason trades for NY to consider

Mitchell Robinson, NY Knicks (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Mitchell Robinson, NY Knicks (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Mitchell Robinson, NY Knicks
Mitchell Robinson, NY Knicks (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

NY Knicks Mitchell Robinson trade #2 – Terry Rozier

So this one actually happening depends heavily on a few different things.

Firstly, if Charlotte views Terry Rozier as a part of their future, this deal is dead on arrival.

They do have a bunch of guards that are going to need to get paid soon like Graham, Bridges, and Monk but Terry is obviously the far superior player.

Second, do the Knicks want to shell out big bucks to re-sign Rozier in the summer of 2022 as he’s likely going to demand upwards of $25 million per season annually?

The organization has shown a lot of interest in ‘Scary Terry’ over the last few seasons and now that Tom Thibodeau is on board, it doesn’t seem like the Knicks are going to be heavily reliant on a pass-first point guard any time soon.

Only time will tell.

As good as Gordon Hayward has been when he’s healthy, the best ability is availability and the man can’t seem to stay upright.

The Hornets committed a lot of years and a lot of money to Hayward and somewhat limited their ability to re-sign their entire core.

So do they move on from Terry now and get something out of the deal or risk losing him to unrestricted free agency in a year for nothing?

Right now, the only center they have on the payroll as of next year is their rookie, Vernon Carey Jr.

Mitchell Robinson would slide in as their primary starting center on day 1.

I would look forward to watching all the highlights of LaMelo Ball and Mitch running pick-and-rolls on ESPN every week.