NY Knicks: 3 wings NY can sign in offseason that make the team better

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Should DeMar DeRozan be on the NY Knicks’ radar?

Bleacher Report recently suggested that DeMar DeRozan’s next home will be in NYC.

My colleague here at Daily Knicks gave his take on the idea recently, but he and I have differing opinions.

While he believes that DeRozan to the Knicks would be an awful idea, I think he would be a fantastic addition to the squad.

Really the only knock on DeRozan is his shooting or lack thereof.

He’s shooting under 26% from deep on the current season and for his career, he’s shooting just around 28%.

Really awful numbers for a wing player in 2021.

Despite his poor shooting, he was still in consideration for making the All-Star game this year.

He’s become a do-it-all player for San Antonio, garnering starts at every position from point guard to power forward.

He acts as their quasi-starting point guard and primary ballhandler and even with him keeping up a scoring averaging over 21 points per game, he’s also dishing out a career-high of over 7 assists per contest while totaling his lowest turnovers per game average since the 2012-13 season from back when he wasn’t the main facilitator.

Sure, his numbers could be inflated because the dude is looking to get paid in this upcoming offseason, but I’m willing to take that risk.

Bringing him onto the Knicks would also allow for the front office to expand their necessary requirements for the team’s next starting point guard, as they’d have 3 players who can do the bulk of the facilitating already in RJ, Randle, and DeRozan.

They wouldn’t be pigeon-holed into a “Lonzo or Bust” type of situation and could look at more of a tweener, combo-guard to come in as the team’s starting point.

This would also leave the door open for Derrick Rose to be re-signed as the team’s starting point guard as he’s not the type that’ll get you 8-10 dimes per game, but with the rest of the supporting cast, as I mentioned that’s no longer a necessity.