NY Knicks: 3 directions the Knicks can go at PG next year

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Should Derrick Rose get a shot at starting for the NY Knicks next year?

Bring the whole band back together while we’re at it!

Derrick Rose has quietly become the team’s 3rd best player behind RJ and Julius.

Every game I watch him play, not only does he do something incredible that makes you say “wow” but the entire team around him becomes better.

He obviously has Coach Thibs’ trust and does everything you need a point guard to do.

He’s been shooting the ball better as a Knick, 37% from deep as opposed to 33% during the 15 games he spent with Detroit this season.

Mind you, that’s on the same 2.6 attempts per game for both teams. So it’s not like he’s shooting less as a Knick and that’s inflating his numbers.

I’m glad his role and minutes have increased as of late because he deserves it over Payton right now.

Come playoff time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elfrid Payton’s minutes are reduced to between 10-12 per game.

Rose’s playmaking is better, his basketball IQ is better, and he’s a far superior scorer.

Bringing back Rose on a 1 or 2-year deal will keep the team’s chemistry intact moving forward and allows Quickley to have an increased role off the bench up until he inevitably takes over the starting job in a few years.


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