NY Knicks: 3 directions the Knicks can go at PG next year

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Should the NY Knicks sign a free agent as their next starting PG?

If Chris Paul were to become available, which he won’t, I’d say that would be the no-brainer choice unless he wanted a 3 or 4-year contract.

I’m not giving a guy nearing 37 years old that kind of a deal and I don’t think Leon Rose would either.

Other names that could be options would be Mike Conley who I don’t see leaving Utah, Dennis Schroder who’ll be demanding too much money and too long of a contract, and Goran Dragic whom I also don’t see leaving his current team.

The two names I would like the Knicks to explore would be Kyle Lowry and Spencer Dinwiddie.

Dinwiddie is coming off of a season-ending injury and would come in either on a cheaper, long-term deal or a shorter “1+1” overpay type of deal.

Lowry, I’m sure can be secured on a similar “1+1” overpay as well.

I’d imagine Dinwiddie could be signed to a 2-year contract worth somewhere in the realm of $18-20 million per year and be given a team option for the second year of the contract.

Lowry could sign for anywhere between $25-35 million per year on either a 1-year contract or like Dinwiddie and 1+1 with a team option for the 2nd season.

Both of those players would also allow Immanuel Quickley to become the team’s starting point guard in a couple of seasons.