NY Knicks: 3 directions the Knicks can go at PG next year

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Should the NY Knicks trade for their next starting PG?

The beauty of having a few young, tradeable assets along with a slew of draft capital is that the Knicks can utilize these pieces to fill in holes within the roster one way or another.

Of course, they can opt to draft a couple of players but as I’ve mentioned before, especially in a recent podcast of mine, Coach Thibs HATES rookies.

Anyone they draft moving forward is going to most likely have to work harder than normal to earn a spot in the rotation because Thibs will opt to play his veterans over younger players no matter who they are or how early they’re drafted.

This is why I think the Knicks could certainly choose to trade some of their picks in a trade for a better point guard to run the offense.

Some guys I would like them to consider would be Malcolm Brogdon, Jalen Brunson, and Lonzo Ball.

I say Lonzo via trade because I don’t see the Pelicans moving on from him for nothing so a sign-and-trade scenario is far more likely to happen in my opinion.

I’ve written extensively on the bunch and there are many reasons for any of them to play the next few years as a Knick.

Now, my primary concern with this path is that it basically solidifies Immanuel Quickley’s role for the Knicks for the next few years as a 6th man, where I believe he has all the makings of New York’s point guard of the future which I’ll be covering in an article soon.

Lonzo would need to get a multi-year extension right off the bat as he’s already a free agent after this season.

Brunson has one year left on his rookie deal and the main reason why the Mavs could look to move on from him is that they may not be able to pay him what he’ll be asking for when the time comes. That’ll cost the Knicks another multi-year deal.

Brogdon is currently on a 4-year, $85 million deal and is set to become a free agent in 2023.

I think in about 2 seasons, Quickley will be ready to take the reins full time as the starter, so maybe during the deadline of the 2022-23 season, Brogdon could be moved elsewhere as an expiring contract which would allow the Knicks to then start Quickley.

Let’s see.