NY Knicks: The 3 secrets to success during the 8-game win streak

Julius Randle, NY Knicks. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Julius Randle, NY Knicks. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks: Perimeter defense has been lethal

It’s hard to not have a rough shooting night against the NY Knicks. All season long, this team has been a force defensively – Particularly on the perimeter.

On the season, New York gives up the lowest 3-point percentage to their opponents in the entire league. Opposing teams shoot just 33.7% against the Knicks. The defensive intensity has especially shined over the last 8 games.

The only game during the streak where their opponent shot well from 3 was against the Hornets. Watching that game, the Hornets were simply hitting ridiculously tough shots. Other games during the streak against the Mavericks (They shot 33.3% from 3) or the Pelicans (They shot 22.2% from 3) have shown just how overwhelming the Knicks’ defense can be.

The way in which they attack ball-handlers puts a lot of pressure on defenses. The drop and ice coverages the Knicks play will smother guards on the perimeter. Once they make that first pass, they’ll need to make a few more quick ones, because New York’s defense rotates at a lightning-fast speed. Whether it’s on the 15th pass of the possession or scrapping together an offensive rebound, you have to earn every point against Thibodeau’s Knicks.

It’s not just a testament to Thibodeau, but to the individuals who have bought in. Reggie Bullock and RJ Barrett have played heavy minutes on the perimeter. Elfrid Payton, Derrick Rose, Immanuel Quickley, while they’re not all-world defenders, they’ve shown they can contribute with their defense on the perimeter. They’re buying in. They play as a collective unit.