NY Knicks: 5 former Knicks to consider signing for playoff push

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Should the NY Knicks bring back Courtney Lee?

Courtney Lee spent 2.5 seasons with the Knicks before being included in the Kristaps Porzingis trade that the Knicks won.

He’s spent the last two seasons in Dallas where he played in more of a reserve type of role.

I’ll never forget when Derrick Rose said that the Knicks and the Warriors were viewed as the superteams in the league during his first stint with New York.

Lee was the starting shooting guard for the Knicks at that time.

Lee has always been a capable 3-and-D player and as a 12-year NBA veteran, he comes battle-tested with plenty of playoff experience.

Just to be clear, the majority of these players probably won’t be seeing much playing time on the court for the Knicks unless something catastrophic happens.

But these players provide veteran leadership for a team that’s full of very talented but young players.

If Lee were ever required to see time on the court, I’m sure he’s still a serviceable defender and he’s also a 39% career 3-point shooter, so he could fill a gap for a short period and it wouldn’t hurt the Knicks all that much.