NY Knicks: 4 Realistic Draft Prospects for New York

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NY Knicks Draft target No. 2:  Chris Duarte, SG, Oregon

Player Comp:  Klay Thompson-lite

A fellow countryman of Barrett and a slightly more seasoned prospect, Chris Duarte will be 24 by the time he plays in the NBA, but for a Knicks team ready to win now, a more polished draft prospect might actually work in their favor.

Not a super athlete, Duarte instead plays the game with his mind.  He has long arms and incredibly quick hands (averaging 1.9 steals a game this season for Oregon), and his patience and feel for the game allow him to get his shot off playing at his own pace.

The one really elite skill Duarte has is his jumper.  A really smooth long-ball game that he can use off the dribble and off the catch.

Oregon didn’t run much motion offense for him this season, but the way he’s able to hit from beyond the arc off hesitations and from the triple threat projects Duarte as a truly elite shooter.

“3-and-D” wings are always valuable, but it’s not often you find a player whose whole basketball life is great shooting and great defense.

The Knicks have good range on the wings between Reggie Bullock and Alec Burks, but the one thing they could use is a real defensive stopper out there.

Barrett has taken to guarding the opposing team’s best wings, but as he continues to be given more offensive responsibility, the front office has to help lighten his defensive load.

That’s where Duarte can come in and make an immediate impact. Guarding the Jaylen Brown’s and Zach LaVine’s of the world without being the offensive liability Frank Ntilikina is.

Duarte is so smart, he’s just one of those guys to make the team better. Does he have all-star potential? No. But he’s one of those guys who just won’t fail.

The Knicks are done losing.  Now, it’s winning time!  And Chris Duarte could be the rookie most ready to help the Knicks make the 2021-22 season and success.