NY Knicks: Reacting to potential Andrew Wiggins offseason trade

Andrew Wiggins , NY Knicks (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Andrew Wiggins , NY Knicks (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

I stumbled across a cute little article recently by NBA Analysis Network that detailed what they think a trade for Andrew Wiggins to the NY Knicks would look like and why both teams would entertain the idea.

My initial reaction was the urge to print the article out and then light it on fire for how awful the trade was for the Knicks.

But that would have been irrational and no one would have known how badly I wanted to get my points across, so I decided to write this piece instead.

Let’s just start off with the trade they proposed:

Gross, right?

Andrew Wiggins is a great player, there’s no doubt about that. He’s stepped things up finally and is slowly becoming a star in this league. Why wouldn’t the Knicks want that?

Because how is this any different than any other terrible trade ever made by this organization?

Should the NY Knicks make this trade for Andrew Wiggins?

Wiggins is being coached by arguably the best coach in the league right now so of course, he’s going to improve.

What separates the good coaches from the bad ones is the ability to coax talent out of players and learn how to properly set them up for success.

I firmly believe that Thibs would be able to get the same level of production out of Wiggins this second time around that Steve Kerr has been able to…so why not bring him in?

The Knicks’ situation is one that should be treated very delicately.

It’s no surprise that the Knicks are more likely to trade more draft picks than they use themselves over the next few seasons, so do you really want to use that capital on a player that may not be much better than RJ Barrett is today? Yes, I mean what just I said.

Julius Randle has really turned this Knicks team around but is clearly just a very solid #2 on a title-contending roster…so using any expendable assets to bring in a player that is of lesser caliber than Randle would be ridiculous at this point.

Especially one that’s owed nearly $65 million over the next 2 seasons.

Asking for Obi Toppin and Kevin Knox on top of the 2 firsts is a joke.

That’s essentially three 1st round picks and maybe a couple of 2nds in exchange for Andrew Wiggins.

The biggest knock on Wiggins is that his efficiencies never matched his production.

If you look at his stats for his career, you’d think he was better than he actually is. He’s definitely improved since being traded to the Warriors, but where he’s at now has to be his ceiling.

Adding Wiggins will not help the Knicks take that next step in my opinion.

Not only does he not improve the team by all that much, but then they’re jeopardizing years of their future for a guy who’s frankly not worth the money they’d have to commit to him.

Those max dollars would be far better utilized toward a player that’s better than Julius Randle is today…Bradley Beal perhaps?

I’m gonna run that idea into the ground until it’s no longer a possibility.

In conclusion, this is an awful trade idea and the writer is clearly not a Knicks fan…

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