NY Knicks: The superpower of Julius Randle’s braids

Julius Randle, New York Knicks. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Julius Randle, New York Knicks. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

NY Knicks star Julius Randle has been leading the charge for his team as they prepare for the final 17 games of the season. The Knicks are in a tight playoff race. They are currently slotted in as the 8th seed but are just a few games back from 4th in the Eastern Conference. Every remaining game is crucial for the team if they are to bring the playoffs back to MSG.

Julius Randle has been at the center of The Knicks’ success this season. The All-Star has been a force all season long and is a prime candidate to win The NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. Randle has discussed the pride he takes in being a Knick and playing in New York, and the city has loved him back.

Being the star in NYC requires grit, determination, leadership, and swag… Randle has all of those attributes in spades. Especially when he’s rocking the braids.

NY Knicks: The effect of Julius Randle’s braids

After a recent Knicks skid of a few games, Randle decided to change his hair back to the braids he had just a few weeks before. He posted on his Instagram a photo of him getting his braids back in a new style, and the fanbase rejoiced.

You may ask: Why do we care about Julius Randle’s hairstyle? Who cares about his swag? Why do braids matter?

If you’re asking these questions, I don’t trust your character or your values.

If you’re a NY Knicks fan, you’ve probably gotten texts from your friends or seen Knicks’ Twitter and Reddit talk about Julius Randle’s braids. “Randle’s rocking the braids, let’s go”, “Julius bringing out the cornrows” “Peep Randle Braids. He’s going for 40 tonight”.

Randle has had a few different variations of the braids, and it seems like every time he’s got them on, he’s feeling dangerous. Do you have stats for Julius Randle with braids? Yes, yes I do.

NY Knicks: Julius Randle’s stats with Braids in 2020-21:

  • 23.5 points per game
  • 10.7 rebounds per game
  • 6.0 assists per game
  • 47.4% FG%
  • 42.4% 3pFG%
  • 80.4% FT%

After going through Randle’s game logs and cross-checking which games he was rocking the braids using youtube highlights, we can see the numbers – All of the shooting percentages go up. He’s locked in.

The Knicks’ record when Julius Randle has braids is 22-17.

There are players who have worn some variation of cornrows and braids that have ended up being iconic. It just works for some players. Carmelo Anthony, Latrell Sprewell, Allen Iverson – All of these players have an iconic braided look.

It’s a look that inspires generations. There’s the little kid who braided his hair and dressed up as Allen Iverson for a 76ers game. There’s a young Kristaps Porzingis, who braided his hair only to look like your 3rd-grade classmate who just got back from a family vacation at Sandals, Jamaica in an effort to look like his favorite player, Carmelo Anthony. When executed correctly, it gives you a different swagger that everyone gravitates to.

Julius Randle has been the alpha dog for The NY Knicks all year. There are zero question marks around the leadership, intensity, and physical style of basketball that he plays. When he’s rocking the braids, he’s ready to dog. Get ready for an exciting playoff push.

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