NY Knicks: Predicting 3 different starting lineups for 2021-22 season

Bradley Beal, New York Knicks. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
Bradley Beal, New York Knicks. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images) /
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NY Knicks, Bradley Beal, Jalen Suggs, Lonzo Ball, Buddy Hield
NY Knicks, Bradley Beal, Jalen Suggs, Lonzo Ball, Buddy Hield (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

NY Knicks 2021-22 Lineup idea #2 – Sign Lonzo Ball, Trade for Buddy Hield

Everyone and their mother knows I’m all about Lonzo Ball to the Knicks.

While I’ve tried writing a trade for Lonzo during this past deadline into existence on many occasions, maybe it’s best to go after him in the offseason so they don’t have to exhaust any assets to acquire him.

His increased level of play on the offensive side of the ball this past season makes him an even more intriguing acquisition.

How he’s been playing is worthy of a nice, big contract from New York.

He’s no longer just a defensive-minded, pass-first point guard. While he still seems allergic to attacking the rim, he’s shooting 3-pointers at nearly 40% on the season. A valuable weapon to have at the point when you have slashers like RJ Barrett and Julius Randle on your team.

I would have to imagine he commands an annual salary in the realm of $18-20 million. So let’s say he signed for that.

The next step is to upgrade the shooting guard position. Assuming the Knicks only bring back Burks and Bullock and let Derrick Rose walk, they could relegate Bullock to the bench.

Here we end up trading for another one of my favorites…Buddy Hield!

Between Buddy’s down season, him openly not wanting to be in Sacramento in the past, and the Kings most likely heading toward a rebuild and wanting to shed salary, I think the Knicks grab him for a pretty fair deal.

The Knicks get away with keeping the better of their 2 first-rounders, which unfortunately is their own.

They also keep the high 2nd rounder in Detroit’s which is crucial. This draft is so deep that the player they take there can be a really useful asset in the future.

(Editors note: Frank Ntilikina would be sent over via sign-and-trade)

They might be able to package the 2 picks they still have after the trade for Hield together to move up a spot or two as well.

Buddy would be a great addition because he further helps to stretch the floor for RJ and Randle to do what they do best.

Having 4 capable shooters on a team isn’t a terrible idea either.

Potential lineup: Lonzo Ball, Buddy Hield, RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, Mitchell Robinson