What will The Knicks do with Bullock, Burks, and Rose in the offseason?

Derrick Rose, Knicks. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
Derrick Rose, Knicks. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images) /
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Derrick Rose, Knicks. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Knicks have a tough decision to make on Derrick Rose

Man, this is tough. The Knicks went out and traded for Derrick Rose this season in search of more scoring and playmaking from their guards, and he’s given them everything he’s asked for. Rose has been a punch of offense that the team has needed. It seems like every time he starts, the team looks energized.

If I’m looking at positional upgrades that The Knicks need to make next season, it’s always point guard that jumps out. The team needs a point guard who can both playmake and space the floor – It doesn’t need to a superstar caliber player, just someone who will help open up the offense for everyone else. Maybe it’s Lonzo Ball, maybe it’s a rookie from the draft, maybe it’s someone else.

Derrick Rose has without a doubt brought some playmaking abilities to the team, but can the team make a move for a point guard, develop Immanuel Quickley, and hand out millions of dollars to Derrick Rose?

I’m writing this as a balance of what I think will happen and what I want to happen. Being realsitic while being optimistic. Is there a chance The Knicks resign all 3 veteran players who are hovering around 30? Derrick Rose is 32, and the main issue for me is durability.

He is still going to require the Knicks to shell out some money, potentiall similar to Alec Burks’ proposed offer of 3-years 40 million. Can The Knicks hand out over 28 million per year to 3 veteran role players, with a Julius Randle extension looming, an RJ Barrett 2nd contract on the horizon, an influx of rookies, and the possibility of bringing in roster upgrades through free agency and trades? It’s not likely.

Maybe Derrick Rose’s relationship with coach Tom Thibodeau will keep him with the team. Maybe he wants to be here and will take a discount.

These are tough conversations to have, but ultimately ones that the front office will need to have. I think someone else will throw Derrick Rose some solid money.

Knicks: Derrick Rose signs elsewhere, 2 years 26 million

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