Why the Knicks Shouldn’t trade for Andre Drummond

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching the New York Knicks are going to find themselves in many trade rumors. A name that has been frequently mentioned is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ center, Andre Drummond.

Many Knicks fans are interested in a trade for the New York native, and according to Marc Berman of the NY Post, the Knicks have discussed trading for Andre Drummond in the past.

Should the Knicks look to strike a deal for the Mount Vernon native, Andre Drummond?

It makes sense why the Knicks would have some interest in him seeing how they’re currently trying to make a playoff push and could use an upgrade at center, especially with Mitchell Robinson sidelined for the next 4 to 6 weeks with a hand injury.

On the season he’s averaging an impressive 17 points and 13 boards a game, so at face value, he looks like a borderline all-star level player. While Drummond certainly is very talented, the Knicks should steer far away from this trade because, for starters, Andre is one of those players whose numbers make him seem a lot better than he actually is.

Yes, Andre Drummond’s statistics look great but he only does one thing on the court exceptionally well and that’s rebounding. He isn’t a great defender because his motor on that end of the court has always been incredibly inconsistent. He’s also a terrible finisher around the basket. Drummond has always desired to be a dominant scorer on the block but that’s never been the case and that’s the same way this season.

According to NBA.com, Drummond is shooting just 50% within 5 feet of the basket, a horrible percentage for a big man. The fact that the Pistons traded him for just a 2023 second-round pick tells you all you need to know about his value as a player. Not only is Drummond not a difference-maker but because he makes 28 million the Knicks would have to attach multiple contracts in order to make a Drummond trade work. We’ve explored trades for the former UConn big-man here at Daily Knicks before, and the deals don’t seem to make a lot of sense for the Knicks.

Without including Randle, the Knicks would have to give up about four to five players for Drummond if their goal in the trade was to maintain the level of cap space they currently have.

Furthermore, trading for Drummond could potentially block the development of Mitchell Robinson when he returns, who’s a better defender and finisher around the basket. For the Knicks, trading for Andre Drummond makes very little sense. They would be better off letting Nerlens Noel hold down the starting center spot until Mitchell Robinson returns from injury.