New York Knicks: Why a trade for Malik Monk makes sense

The New York Knicks should consider swapping Dennis Smith Jr. for Malik Monk.

I just finished witnessing what is in my own humble opinion the best team in the NBA mop the floor with the surging Atlanta Hawks to the tune of 113-108. Coming off four wins in their last five games and one of the most meaningful victories of a young season, why not take yet another opportunity to shake things up a bit for the New York Knicks?

I would have to imagine the Knicks will be making more impactful moves than this one the closer we climb toward a potential playoff berth — how pleasantly surprising it is to be able to write that with a smidgen of genuine confidence. Thibodeau’s new-look Knicks could stand to improve in several departments but one under-the-radar trade that just couldn’t make more sense would be Malik Monk making his way to The Garden and shipping North Carolina’s own Dennis Smith Jr back to his old stomping grounds.

With New York’s recent commitment to developing and acquiring former Kentucky products, adding Malik Monk into the mix could be the cause for a career resurgence.

Monk left high-school as a consensus 5-star recruit and went on to be widely recognized as one of the better combo-guards coming into the NBA from the 2016 draft class. Under current Knicks bench coach Kenny Payne, he was named SEC Player and Freshman of the Year, while also being named to both First-team All-SEC and the SEC All-Freshman team, so the talent is there to be unlocked.

Aside from some early-career injuries troubles and some off-the-court issues, I can’t wrap my head around how a player with the skill Malik Monk possesses can’t find any playing time no matter how deep the Hornets’ current guard rotation is.

If the Knicks can find a way to pull some production out of him before the end of the season, he can also be brought back on what should be a very team-friendly deal.