New York Knicks: 4 Lessons from the Miami Heat rebuild

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Nov 10, 2018; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra reacts during the first half against the Washington Wizards at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

What can the New York Knicks learn from the surprise NBA Finals run by the Miami Heat?

The basketball season officially came to a close when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in six games during the NBA Finals. While the New York Knicks‘ 2020 campaign came to an end several months earlier, one of the Finals’ contenders may have provided a blueprint for the franchise to follow after a decade of mediocrity.

Shockingly enough, the Knicks and Heat found themselves in very similar situations just a few short seasons ago. As recently as 2019 both legendary organizations were outside the postseason field. Each also had a plethora of issues.

The closer you look, the more similarities you notice. Both teams had a glaring lack of star power. Both were weighted down by bad contracts that severely limited their ability to improve. Both looked as though they were doomed for a prolonged stretch of mediocrity.

Now, just two short seasons later, the Heat came within two games of a championship, while the Knicks are still treading water. After missing the playoffs for the seventh consecutive season, New York is once again looking to a new front office and coach to turn their fortunes.

What sparked such an efficient rebuild in Miami? And can any of it be duplicated in New York?

Let’s take a look at the important steps New York needs to take to follow the rebuild path set by the Heat.

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