Knicks Draft: Pre-lottery mock of every possible New York pick

Killian Hayes, 2020 NBA Draft prospect (Photo by Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)
Killian Hayes, 2020 NBA Draft prospect (Photo by Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images) /
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James Wiseman, 2020 NBA prospect (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /

Knicks 2020 Mock Draft: 8th overall pick James Wiseman

Pre-Lottery Odds: 20.6%

While the Knicks desperately need a point guard or someone who can shoot, if their preferred guards are selected ahead of them and James Wiseman falls into their laps at the eighth spot, they might find themselves needing to take “the best player available.”

Wiseman played in only three games for Memphis this season after being suspended due to recruiting violations. However, he has remained on NBA scouts radars as a potential number one pick in the 2020 draft.

Not everyone likes Wiseman’s game as a top pick. Despite standing 7-foot-1 and 240 pounds, he is still raw on the defensive side of the ball. He has flashed signs of being an elite rim protector, but needs to polish his approach. He is a bit like Mitchell Robinson in that he will need experience in the NBA to learn the nuances of the game; things don’t seem to come natural to him on the floor when he is forced to make quick decisions.

On the plus side, he is known to be an extremely intelligent kid who should learn the ropes of the NBA given time to develop. He projects to be an elite rim runner who could be a game-changer in the pick-and-roll if he puts his freakish athleticism to work in the right system.

Wiseman is not an ideal fit for the Knicks with Mitchell Robinson already on the roster. But if the athletic big man, who some believe is worthy of the first overall pick, falls to eight, New York might have to grab him.