NY Knicks: Raymond Felton on coaching search, Carmelo Anthony, more

Point guard Raymond Felton provided some insight on the Knicks coaching search.

Former New York Knicks guard Raymond Felton sat down with Knicks Fan TV recently to discuss his tenure in the Big Apple, along with a variety of issues beyond the game of basketball. Fans got to receive a first-hand account of Felton’s time in New York, which was split over two stints: first, in 2010-11, and then again from 2012-2014.

Here are five takeaways from his interview:

Kenny Atkinson or Mike Woodson?: Felton had positive words for both Kenny Atkinson & Mike Woodson. Atkinson served as an assistant coach while Felton was with the Knicks during his first go-around with the team. Woodson served as Felton’s coach during his entire second tenure with the team. When it came to choosing one coach over the other, Felton leaned towards Woodson, only because he was his head coach. However, Felton was highly complimentary of Atkinson, both as an assistant coach and as a head coach.

Defining moment as a Knick: Felton described his most defining moment as a Knick, which came during his first tenure with the team. On December 8, 2010, Felton escaped the hounding Jose Calderon (who ironically was traded to the Knicks for Felton in 2014) to hit a go-ahead three point shot, that bounced on the rim and backboard several times before going in, to defeat the Toronto Raptors at home.

Former Knicks guard Raymond Felton talked about being traded, Carmelo Anthony, and his toughest match-up as a point guard.

Initial reaction to being traded to Melo: Felton expressed frustration and anger initially when the Knicks traded him in the deal that brought Carmelo Anthony to Madison Square Garden. He, like many fans, thought that Melo would sign with the Knicks in free agency. He also expressed a desire to play with Melo during his first tenure. Unfortunately, the impeding lockout forced the Knicks to acquire Melo at the 2011 trade deadline. Luckily for Felton, he got the opportunity to play with Melo with the Knicks in 2012 and later with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Thoughts on Cole Anthony: Felton, like Cole Anthony, is a fellow Tar Heel. Felton lauded Cole as a special player, but urged him to continue to work on his game when he enters the league. Felton pointed out that Anthony’s injuries throughout the season played a part in UNC’s subpar record. However, he did heed caution when asked about Anthony succeeding in NY. Felton noted that it’s often difficult for hometown players to succeed in NY due to various pressures – fame, family, friends, etc.

Toughest matchup as a point guard: Felton listed out some of his toughest matchups as a point guard, from his rookie year to recent years. Felton noted players such as Andre Miller, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, and TJ Ford, amongst the various competitors at the position in his prime.

It was great to hear Felton’s thoughts on the current state of affairs. Highly recommended listen for Knicks fans.