NY Knicks t-shirt giveaway cited in pre-lawsuit over flammability

A Manhattan woman claims a free t-shirt from a New York Knicks game was too flammable, contributing to injuries she received from a kitchen fire.

Madison Square Garden is in some hot water over a t-shirt they gave away during a home game in January. A Manhattan woman claims the t-shirt she obtained from a January 12 New York Knicks game contributed to her receiving gruesome burns following a cooking accident in her Wall Street apartment.

According to court papers obtained by the New York Post, the woman claims that after her gas range “let out a larger than normal flame,” it caused “her t-shirt to catch fire immediately, and the flames spread with such speed that she could not put the flames out.”

After catching fire, the woman claims in the court papers that she jumped in the shower to try to extinguish herself, but was ultimately hospitalized for two weeks with serious burns.

MSG Networks Inc, the regional sports network for the Knicks, is being asked to cooperate ahead of a potential lawsuit against the t-shirt manufacturer.

MSG Networks Inc. is being asked for the identity of the manufacturer, supplier, and designer of the t-shirt, according to the New York Post.

The pre-lawsuit petition is “for the purpose of identifying potential defendants and framing a complaint in an action about to be commenced.”

“The T-Shirt’s resistance to flammability or lack thereof are a direct cause of the petitioner’s injuries,” the court papers say.

The court filing also cites the woman’s apartment for “failure to provide adequate maintenance and or adequately inspect the Subject Gas Range at their premises are potential causes for her injuries.”

An MSG representative was contacted by the New York Post and acknowledged being aware of the incident and said they were looking into the matter.

Madison Square Garden has been closed due to the novel coronavirus since the middle of March. Recent financial filings by MSG Entertainment and MSG Sports, which were recently spun-off into two separate companies, paint a bleak earnings picture for the entertainment companies that obviously rely on events and spectators to generate revenue.

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