Knicks: 3 reasons New York was Michael Jordan’s toughest rival

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1993: Guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (right) works against guard John Starks of the New York Knicks during the Eastern Conference final at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls won the game, 103-83. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dani

As Michael Jordan won six NBA championships in the 1990s, the New York Knicks were his toughest opponent.

Michael Jordan made an interesting comment during one of the final episodes of ESPN/Netflix’s documentary about his final season with the Chicago Bulls that caught New York Knicks fans’ attention.

In talking about the Bulls’ seven-game Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers in 1997-98, Jordan said the Pacers, other than Detroit, were his toughest opponent in the East.

Now, who am I, as a random basketball fan and blogger to question who His Airness believes were his greatest challengers? But I will try anyway.

Before Jordan was winning championships in handfuls, the Detroit Pistons were kicking his butt, quite literally. But that was in the eighties, before Chicago had added the necessary pieces to turn them into a dynasty.

In the 1990s, when Jordan was King, the team who challenged #23 and the Bulls the most was the New York Knicks.

Let me explain with three simple reasons.

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