NY Knicks: Patrick Ewing dunked on Jordan during UNC recruiting trip

During a recruiting trip to North Carolina, New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing dunked on Michael Jordan after he had heard enough of his trash talking.

Michael Jordan usually got the last laugh against New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing, but during a recruiting trip to the University of North Carolina, Ewing put him in his place.

North Carolina coach Roy Williams, who was an assistant with the men’s basketball team in the eighties, revealed a fun story about Ewing and Jordan in a recent interview with former Tar Heel Danny Green. Williams said Jordan had been trash-talking Ewing until the big fella had had enough and decided to respond with a vicious dunk.

Ewing was visiting Chapel Hill on a recruiting trip on the same weekend Jordan was there, even though MJ had already committed to the school. The two met with head coach Dean Smith, and then were killing some time by playing basketball before Williams took them to see a football game.

“And we’re walking through Carmichael and there’s a ball there, and so Michael got the ball and he’s picking at Patrick and he’s bouncing into him, shooting it and he’s yapping, cause Michael always could talk,” Williams said on Inside the Green Room with Danny Green earlier this week. “I say, ‘Guys, just three or four more minutes and then we’ve gotta go to the football game.’ And so Michael still picking at Patrick, and so Patrick got the ball and didn’t say anything and backed him down once and backed him down twice and then just went up and almost broke the backboard. And Michael said, ‘Coach, I’m ready to go, let’s go.’ He had had enough, he had picked on Patrick enough.”

Ewing recently talked about his relationship with Jordan blossoming from when they met during that recruiting trip to UNC and the subsequent McDonald’s All-American game.

“I think we’ve been friends ever since we met each other on my visit to North Carolina,” Ewing said on the Dan Patrick Show. “He had already committed. That was the first time I met him. And we just developed a friendship since then.”

There was a possibility Ewing, Jordan, and James Worthy could have been on the same college team. Imagine that?!

Ewing ended up enrolling at Georgetown University, where he is currently the head coach. And things have turned out pretty good for the Washington DC based school. During the Hall-of-Famer’s time with the Hoyas from 1981-1985, he led the team to three National Final appearances, winning the national championship in 1984.

Of course, it was Michael Jordan who got the best of him in 1982, when he hit the game-winning shot to give UNC the national title over Georgetown in the championship game.

Ewing recently said Jordan is as strong of a trash-talker as he was in his playing days. Despite criticism from former teammates over his inability to lead the Knicks past Jordan and the Bulls in the playoffs, the legendary center continues to take the high road.