New York Knicks: Five options at center in 2020 NBA Draft

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New York Knicks

Potential New York Knicks target James Wiseman (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

The New York Knicks seem to have the center position locked down, but due diligence requires evaluating every position. Which 5s might intrigue at the 2020 NBA Draft?

The New York Knicks have one of the most promising young centers in the NBA on their convoluted roster. Twenty-two year-old shot-blocking phenom Mitchell Robinson has the tools to be special, and many around the Association believe he will be.

In the spirit of covering all bases, however, one would be remiss to ignore the prospects in the 2020 NBA Draft who could potentially be valuable players at center.

It’d be a hard sell to select a center in the top 10, but the Knicks are fortunate enough to have options. In addition to possessing a projected top-10 selection, New York will also have a late first and an early second-round draft pick to work with.

As such, Scott Perry will have the opportunity to find a potential diamond in the rough if the top-flight center prospects aren’t exactly his speed.

Furthermore, depth is of tremendous value in any NBA, let alone one with the pace that it’s currently being played it. That’s no more true than at center, where it would behoove the Knicks to have strength in numbers, even with a rising star.

The question is: Who exactly should the New York Knicks be considering at the center position with the 2020 NBA Draft on the horizon?

Some could complement Robinson well. Some should at least be evaluated as alternatives.

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