Desperate New York Knicks Choose Quick Fix Yet Again

The New York Knicks have hired Leon Rose, but does that signal the New York Knicks are looking for another quick fix.

Imagine Ray Charles singing “Here We Go Again” in the background. Now ask yourself, ‘Is the Leon Rose hire another attempt at a quick fix for the New York Knicks?’. His credentials are strongest with regard to his numerous, multi-level connections.

Rose has been the agent for stars and mega-stars. He has ties to agents, GMs and the powers in the sneaker industry. There is no doubt that when Leon makes a call, that call is answered. That juice was provided by the players he represented.

Now Mr. Rose represents James Dolan and the New York Knicks and what little juice goes with that position. A typical call might go something like this:

After the usual pleasantries a GM would say to Rose, , “What can I do for you Leon? I’m sure we can work something out. You have a lot of prime draft choices.”

The Knicks have been wise and avoided trading their valued first round picks. At this point they would offer up some of their players.

“Not Knox, he plays like his shoe laces are tied together. Ntilikina is a nervous Nelly on offense…. Sorry, Julius Randle is an excellent rebounder but he doesn’t fit our style of play…. Damyean Dotson is a nice player, but not worth what you’re asking…. Trier is an unknown and as bad as the Knicks have been, if he were any good he would have been on the floor. Ditto Dennis Smith Jr. RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson have promise, we will work something out if you throw Payton in since we are giving up our PG.”

”OK, OK they are your building blocks, so giving up draft choices is the only way a deal gets done.”

The NBA title is up for grabs, but the competition is among super stars, not just excellent squads. In today’s NBA, top-tier teams have a shot at the title only if they can attract a super star or three., or, like the Warriors, if they develop an elite core. Is anyone picking the Raptors, Celtics, or Nuggets to win the title this year?

The Knicks don’t have a single player worthy of being called elite. We have two prospects who are projects. To crawl into the playoffs, we must scramble over teams with better rosters and more promising youth. A lot more has to be done before the Knicks become an attractive destination for elite players with title aspirations.

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(Switch to Johnny Mathis singing ‘Chances Are”) It takes guts, patience and a thick hide to build a team through the draft. It also takes some luck and a lot of smarts. James Dolan has a chronically ill franchise and he is hoping the latest ‘snake oil’ on the market will work miracles. With no mega-star FAs on the market and MSG being avoided like monosodium glutamate, Leon Rose of the New York Knicks has very little juice, except for future draft choices. Chances are the Knicks will be trading draft choices for players whose stats are better than their game.

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