New York Knicks: Eight players to consider early in 2020 NBA Draft

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4. Theo Maledon (Point Guard)

Theo Maledon is a 6-foot-5 point guard from France who may just be the most consistent three-level scorer in this draft.

Maledon is a sneaky quick guard with longer strides than most would expect and has an exceptionally quick first step to go with all that, too. He is almost never out of control with or without the ball since he knows his physical limitations, and while he is only an average to slightly above average ball-handler at this early stage of his career, he makes up for it with his amazing abilities as a playmaker, shooter, and finisher.

Maledon can also defend the ball well for a player his size, as shown by his great steals percentage. Not only that, but he has a soft touch and good balance around the rim as well, which makes him truly such an efficient three-level scorer.

Also, while most would say his stats are not eye-popping enough to warrant the fourth pick in the draft, the EuroLeague is much more system-oriented and the team’s best player will not usually be allowed to pound the basketball like most NBA players, or even college players are allowed to do.

That being said though, look at Maledon’s film, efficiency, and his Per 36 stats in comparison to his usage percentage to truly get a feel for how smart and great of a player Maledon is.

This prospect also has his weaknesses. While he has a lot of skill, he isn’t truly elite at one given skill, which can limit a player’s upside if they never figure out what their one dominant, go-to skill is.

Another problem Maledon may face once making the jump to the NBA is his lanky body defending bigger point guards. For someone who is such a gifted on-ball defender, can his body translate to handling the rigors of these professional opponents? If he keeps working hard and starts working with NBA trainers to hone in on his weaknesses, he can break through the cracks and become the most complete player in this draft.