New York Knicks: Eight players to consider early in 2020 NBA Draft

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3. LaMelo Ball (Guard)

LaMelo Ball has the best handles in the draft, period. On top of that, he may just have the fastest improving playmaking ability in the draft as well.

Ball is someone who makes the early reads needed to succeed at the point guard position in the NBA, and that is rather rare for someone who is 6-foot-7 and only 18 years old. His assist numbers reflect that, too, as they have rapidly improved over the years to numbers nearly tripling from his sophomore year to his senior year.

Besides this, Ball seems to have changed his form for the better and now has a much more smooth shot, and don’t worry, his release is still quick as all heck.

Also, Ball so far has still been able to use his very reliable floater game in the NBL to get his shot off over larger defenders and not only that, but it seems his floater may be his go-to shot in the NBA, with it being so effective for him so far. Regardless of whether it is or isn’t though, it shows how great his touch is around the basket.

Ball also still seems to be crafty as ever in the NBL, proving he is still an able finisher under the basket with his ability to bounce off of bigger NBL defenders and still keep his balance and touch to get the shot off. If he can stop always going for the homerun play in the NBL like he did in high school, and improve upon his three-point percentage or free throw percentage just a little bit in the NBL, this kid is the best shot creator in the draft.

Although Ball, of course, has his pros, he for sure also has some cons. While he, for sure, can defend when playing hard, he is also a streaky defender, and while most would say “what, he is averaging around three steals per game in the NBL preseason, how could he be bad on defense.”

Ball, so far in the NBL, has fouled out a game already, and has already shown he isn’t always focused mentally on the defensive end. Although, if Ball can stay focused, keep improving upon his weaknesses, and not worry about the outside noise, he will be special, but the question is, can he do all that?