New York Knicks: Five most intriguing games of 2019-20 schedule

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4. Welcoming the new-look Lakers

On Jan. 7 and 22, the New York Knicks will contest the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a big matchup for any NBA team, given it is the Lakers, who have some of the NBA’s best talent. If healthy at the time of these games, though, they will enter Madison Square Garden for one of them, and with a new look.

LeBron James is back, but Anthony Davis is officially in town. The Knicks will host the latter man in their second matchup for the first time since he left the New Orleans Pelicans via trade.

Davis was connected to the Knicks in trade talks earlier this year. His agent, Rich Paul, also liked the idea of the Kentucky product playing in the Big Apple. Perhaps it can still happen, as he will hit free agency in July 2020.

Smart Knicks fans may cheer for Davis’ every move, similar to their actions with past stars they wanted to lure to the Garden. Most, if not every attempt, did not work, whether or not it meant anything, but the fans still greeted these players with open arms.

Davis, if Knicks fans want him in town, will send their support. It might be the only reason to follow this game, as New York may be out of the fringe playoff race by January. Plus, it is the latest chance to see LeBron in action, with however many seasons remaining in his historic NBA career. It should be interesting, either way.