New York Knicks: Ranking the top 2020 NBA free agents

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2020 NBA free agency is far away, but the New York Knicks can focus on these players.

2019 NBA free agency did not produce superstar signings for the New York Knicks, as once expected. They filled out the roster with seven players, along with two draft picks, for the 2019-20 season, to replace the outgoing talents.

Is there always waiting for next year? The Knicks can let six of their seven signings walk after next June, and a handful of other players can hit the open market.

While not as deep as the 2019 class, 2020 features intriguing names, who are impact players. Not all of them may be available by July 1 and re-sign contracts with their respective teams, but as seen with the last 30 days of the NBA, crazier things can happen.

Who leads this next group of free agents for New York to potentially consider? Let’s take a look:

5. Grouping the restricted free agents

The restricted free agent class for 2020 is strong. Of course, a player’s incumbent team can match any offer sheet they sign, limiting the likelihood of them changing addresses, but the upcoming group is worthy enough to note.

Pascal Siakam, a newly crowned NBA champion, leads the way. It would be an upset for him to not stay with the Toronto Raptors on a lucrative multi-year contract, locking in as the face of this franchise, after Kawhi Leonard left for the Los Angeles Clippers.

An extension can happen before the season, which is in Toronto’s best interest. Siakam may want to wait, but the front office should be able to keep him, either way.

Caris LeVert looked like a budding star next to D’Angelo Russell to open the 2018-19 season, until an injury — much like the other years — took him off the court. Playing next to Kyrie Irving can help the Michigan product’s value, but he needs a clean bill of health.

Playing on deep Boston Celtics teams, Jaylen Brown has shown star potential. The last iteration of the Celtics did not display that as much, but if he stands out in 2019-20, it will be interesting to see if Danny Ainge offers the necessary money to keep this foundational piece.

Brandon Ingram may be the most interesting of the restricted free agents. His three NBA seasons have flashed and seen rises in shooting percentage in that span, so, perhaps, a breakout year is ahead. If so, and with other young talents, will New Orleans pay to have him back?