New York Knicks: All potential scenarios at No. 3 in 2019 NBA Draft

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The trade: Moving down in the top 10

The closest report to the New York Knicks potentially trading the No. 3 pick was also from ESPN’s Givony, who noted the Atlanta Hawks offered a package of the No. 8 and 10 selections. It was declined.

That does not mean the Knicks will stick at third, but rejecting two top-10 picks could indicate them staying put and not taking a risk in a lopsided draft.

However, if teams want to move up for a player like Barrett or Garland, the Bulls, Cavaliers and Suns all make sense for this, whether they need to fill their point guard slot (Chicago and Phoenix) or sit in an awkward spot and need the best talent available (Cleveland).

With the Cavs, the Knicks can make a trade equivalent to Dallas and Atlanta in 2018, when the rights for Luka Doncic and Trae Young were swapped, but the Hawks received a protected 2019 first-round pick with Young. This became the 10th overall selection.

If an extra first-rounder can be taken from Cleveland, its upside is a top-10 selection in 2020. Perhaps 2021, if anything, depending on this pick’s protections.

By moving down, the Knicks can secure Garland. Jarrett Culver is an alternative if the top point guards and Barrett are off the board.

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There are trade options beyond this. Maybe the Celtics package their picks and try to convince the Knicks. The unexpected may pop up, as well, adding to what should be a drama-filled evening.