New York Knicks: 5 players to target on one-year contracts in 2019 free agency

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4. DeMarre Carroll

At age 27 and 28, DeMarre Carroll was trending up with the Atlanta Hawks, who quietly rode their way to the top of the Eastern Conference. He parlayed that into a multi-year contract with the Toronto Raptors, but has since struggled to shoot above 40 percent and average more than 10 points.

Carroll spent the last two years in Brooklyn as a salary cap cast-off, not faring much better there. It cleared the final seasons of his lucrative Toronto deal, landing in free agency in need of a career revival and a change of scenery.

The New York Knicks willingly offered opportunities to players with falling stock; not exactly players above age 24 or 25, as Carroll will turn 33 years old for the 2019-20 season, but he is not aged enough to be useless on the court.

Carroll can receive a one-year deal, worth $5 to 10 million if all else fails in free agency. He might not start, but can fill a main bench spot as experienced, forward depth behind Kevin Knox.

Carroll also has three-point shooting ability and may stretch the floor in spurts. New York needs that from anyone they sign this summer.

There are superior options to Carroll due to a lack of upside at this stage of his career, along with difficulties impacting games for the last four years. If the Knicks can take him for one year, though, it is worth the stopgap option in the middle of the rotation.