New York Knicks: Should they look to trade down in the 2019 NBA Draft?

New York Knicks (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
New York Knicks (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Should the New York Knicks consider trading down in the 2019 NBA Draft from No. 3 overall?

The New York Knicks have the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft and yes they will not be getting Zion Williamson or even Ja Morant as it looks like both guys will be gone at 1 and 2 respectively. Most people have linked the Knicks to R.J. Barrett, who actually was the top player before the college season started. Barrett may not have the ceiling that Morant or Williamson have, which begs the thought should the Knicks look to trade down?

Why should the Knicks trade down?

Trading down would be the smart move as the Knick strategy is all about this summer and the free agents that could possibly join the Knicks. This pick should be used to either add a piece that complements a Kevin Durant or traded to get more picks that could be swapped for key role players that could help a championship team. The salary cap will be tight if the Knicks add two max contracts this summer. That pick will be the best way for the Knicks to add players to surround the stars.

What are some offers the Knicks could get?

The Magic, Cavs and Hawks are three teams that could fit the bill as potential trade partners. The Cavs have the No. 5 and No. 26 pick in the draft and a possible 3rd star in Kevin Love. Getting those two picks could give Knicks more flexibility as they could even swap that #5th pick to get more picks or another veteran player.

From the Hawks they could acquire picks No. 8 and 10, players like Taurean Prince and Kent Bazemore. The Hawks make for a natural partner with multiple picks and players that could help a championship team. They also are looking to pair a wing scorer with Trae Young and Barrett fits the mold perfectly.

The last team, the Magic, only have the No. 16 pick but have a slew of players that they could offer from Jonathan Isaac, Evan Fournier and Terrence Ross. Not saying all these player and picks would be part of the trade but all 3 of these teams are looking to add a star to their young team and are willing to move players who have maxed out their ceiling and fit as role players on a championship caliber team.

You can see that the Knicks would have no trouble finding a trade partner if they were looking to trade down in the draft. There is no right answer to if the Knicks should trade down but the plan has to be how to add talent that best complements the stars they are looking to sign this summer. Missing out on Williamson gives the Knicks the opportunity to be flexible with the pick and trading should not be out of the question. The more picks give the Knicks more cheap talent with cap being tight or the option to trade to get solid veteran players.

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The strategy that most title teams follow is have 2-3 max stars and fill the rest of the roster with cheap young talent or veterans that take discounts. Trading down could give the New York Knicks the chance of adding both.