New York Knicks Player Grades: Mitchell Robinson for 2018-19

New York Knicks Mitchell Robinson (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
New York Knicks Mitchell Robinson (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Mitchell Robinson became the most exciting player to suit up for the New York Knicks this past season.

The New York Knicks may have taken the steal of the draft in Mitchell Robinson and that maybe underselling how good of a rookie season it was for Robinson. Robinson was drafted in the seconnd round at No. 36 overall but quickly become one of most impactful rookies in the draft. He looks the part as an anchor on the Knicks defense for years to come.

Robinson’s season could be broken down into two halves. The first half of the year Robinson did not play a lot as the Knicks had a few bigs on their roster. Robinson also struggled with foul trouble which limited his minutes. But the second half of the year after acquiring DeAndre Jordan and waiving Enes Kanter, Robinson really took off.

Post All-Star break, Robinson was averaging 9.4 points 9.7 rebounds and 3.1 blocks all due to a rise in playing time by eight minutes per a game and being named the starter. He really made a name for himself on defense, the Knicks were giving up 3.3 fewer points per 100 possessions with Robinsons than without him. He also was a positive net rating on offense at 1.3 despite not having much of an offense game besides dunking.

On top of that, Robinson lead all rookies in PER at 22.01. That defeated the three favorites for rookie of the year Luka Doncic, Deandre Ayton and Trae Young, all with lower PERs. He also was top 3 in Added Value, EWA (Estimated wins above replacement) and led all rookies in True Shooting Percentage at 69.2% percent. Robinson also was second in the NBA at 2.44 blocks, despite averaging 20.9 minutes on the season.

Offensively Robinson is still very raw, mostly a dunker off screen-roll action but defensively he is a nightmare. His ability to step out and guard smaller players, makes him a difference maker on that end. He led the NBA in three-point blocks with 24, which is unbelievable and shows his comfortably to step out and contest three-point shots. Robinson was a treat to watch on defense, and his many natural abilities were hard to teach.


Robinson’s grade is reflected by where he was drafted, the potential he has shown this year and the clear path to stardom for him. The clear path is becoming the next Rudy Gobert or DeAndre Jordan, relentless shot blocker, anchor of a defense and a dunker in the lane.

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The ceiling for Robinson is on the offensive side, if he can add a jump-hook and some play-making ability, he could vault into the conversation for the best center in the league. At only 21, the sky is the limit for this second-round pick and someone that will be talked about for years to come with the New York Knicks.