New York Knicks: 2019 NBA Draft Lottery odds for each possible scenario

New York Knicks (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
New York Knicks (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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No. 2: 13.4 percent

The odds creep a little higher for the New York Knicks. The new system does not offer a team any favors to win the lottery or even become the second overall pick, but like the third and fourth picks, the Knicks have identical odds with Cleveland and Phoenix to claim the No. 2 slot.

13.4 percent is still not much, but it’s as high as anyone else and the pick the Knicks have the third best chance at receiving. That seems odd after a league-worst season, but the NBA did anything but cater to teams who “tanked” this season and in future years.

This pick still presents an opportunity, though, even presuming the No. 1 pick is Zion Williamson. They have the chance at who they think is the next best player in this class, potentially a game-changing talent.

Ja Morant could be the option. His 24.5 points and 10.0 assists per game at Murray State stood out among a weak point guard class otherwise, and if the Knicks like him enough, even with Dennis Smith Jr. aboard, this player makes sense.

Recent history at second overall features a somewhat rocky and unproven history. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram still have roads to travel in their respective games, and Jabari Parker busted after multiple leg injuries. Victor Oladipo and D’Angelo Russell only finally offered quality at No. 2 in the past 24 months. Otherwise, a successful pick this high dates all the way back to Kevin Durant in 2007.