2019 NBA Mock Draft: Full first round as lottery nears

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As the 2019 NBA Playoffs continue, where do the New York Knicks place in the latest mock draft?

The New York Knicks finished the 2018-19 season 17-65 and, for now, have the top position for the 2019 NBA Draft. They still must encounter the draft lottery and share 14 percent odds with the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers, but their “floor” is fifth overall.

The draft has produced players like Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, Frank Ntilikina and Kristaps Porzingis over the past four selection shows. All have made some kind of impact, but Porzingis is no longer with the team as of January.

Now, the Knicks will eye their next pick and add him to their young and incomplete team.

Nothing is given, but who is New York in line to take at the top of June’s draft? How about the other 29 picks in the first round?

Duke. Zion Williamson. 1. player. 27. . F

Age: 19
Height, Weight: 6-foot-6, 285 pounds
Slash Line: .680/.338/.640
Season Averages: 22.6 PPG, 8.9 RPG, 2.1 APG, 2.1 SPG, 1.8 PG, 0.7 3PM

Without question, the first overall pick of the 2019 NBA Draft is Zion Williamson, unless the team who leads off shocks the basketball world and takes another player. The New York Knicks are not in a position to skip him.

Williamson polarized college basketball the moment he stepped onto the court. With a unique blend of athleticism, power and strength for his 285-pound frame, it was unlike anything seen at this level of play in years. It usurped RJ Barrett, who was the top player entering the year, and no one approached the style or quality.

It was a man among boys for the 2018-19 season, as Williamson pushed through any defense, whether it was UNC, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida State or a non-conference opponent. The ACC filled up with top talent, but none of them held a candle to his play.

Williamson looks like a generational talent. Maybe that is not the case upon arrival, but his talents can bring positive attention to whichever NBA team he joins and raise their profile, especially the Knicks, who have not made the postseason since 2012-13.

The odds are slim for the Knicks, but they have a chance. This pick pushes the rebuilding efforts forward and sheds the spotlight from a miserable 2018-19 campaign.