Four teams, two major market cities, one New York Knicks

Kevin Durant Warriors Kyrie Irving Celtics (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)
Kevin Durant Warriors Kyrie Irving Celtics (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The New York Knicks have already been branded as big losers in this summer’s free agency frenzy, but they are still alive in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes.

If there were ever a college course on NBA free agency, especially with the New York Knicks, this summer would be the case study at the center of the syllabus.

And yesterday’s bombshell Bleacher report article would be undoubtedly required reading.

It’s true, to see all four major market teams in different flavors of a position to acquire max players, coinciding with a prime lot of free agents, the getting hasn’t been this good… well, ever.







This soap opera has all the dramatic elements in place, and despite the overwhelming evidence presented in Howard Beck’s piece, and despite the undoubted and overwhelming bias of being a die-hard irrational fan of the New York Knicks, the truth is in this case, there is just one choice.

There is just one Knicks.

Granted, the article in question has 10 league executives placing the Knicks firmly at the bottom of the list of suitors. They aren’t wrong in their thinking either: no proven talent to play with, dysfunctional owner, exciting but unproven coach.

But with free agency, it is largely about emotion and for that reason can be unpredictable.

Here is the logic of why the Knicks should end up the big winners this summer:

Kevin Durant will likely be coming of his third consecutive championship this summer. The fact that there is any evidence that he is leaving at all means one thing: he wants to prove he can do it on his own.

Just check his countless rebukes of 12 year old fans on Twitter; Durant has an ego and wants to prove himself to everyone… and to 12 year olds.

Going to the LA Clippers makes sense as they are the clear best option, except for one giant missing piece, a teammate.

While Tobias Harris is great, he is also a free agent. Durant could convince a Kyrie or a Kemba to join him, but with Patrick Beverly on the wrong side of 30, and Danilo Gallinari’s injury history, do you really leave back to back to back rings for just a strong basketball culture?

Meanwhile, the Lakers are about as dysfunctional now as the Knicks have been, and on top of that,  Durant would never suck it up and join LeBron. That’s a side step from his current situation: joining other superstars to play for someone else’s team.

No thanks.

Then enter the Brooklyn Nets.

Their talent is indeed thriving right now, but without a proven superstar, and a super young average age, Durant would be taking a pretty big chance on Brooklyn. Durant is pretty savvy to the game of basketball, and he could easily by dissuaded by the fact that the Nets current stars’ values may be predicated on their high usage rates.

Bottom line: the Knicks offer a truly blank slate, and a built-in best-friend in DeAndre Jordan.

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There may be four horses in this race, but anyone who knows the unpredictable nature of NBA free agency knows that the Knicks have just as good of a chance at winning this summer than anyone else… or even better.