The 15 greatest bigs in New York Knicks history

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Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing is regarded by many as the greatest New York Knick to ever live. And while that is an admirable stance, truthfully, his inability to seal the deal with a championship will always put him behind the likes of Frazier and Willis Reed, whether the conversation be best Knicks or best big man.

However, what Ewing did for the Knicks over the course of his 15 seasons with the franchise is truly unmatched when considering loyalty, heart and longevity together. First, as a true center, Ewing was unbelievably athletic.

For many, the image of him grabbing a steal, then running the floor on a fast-break and throwing it down is a definitive moment when people realized this guy is like nothing we have seen before. He played with an austere demeanor and of course, with dominance.

In his span as a Knick, Bit Pat averaged 22.8 points, 10.4 rebounds, and a ridiculous 2.7 blocks per game. He was Ewing was a mainstay on the NBA All Star game roster, collecting 11 nods in his first 12 seasons, all for the Knicks.

While those who weren’t alive to see the Knicks win it back in the early 1970s may see Ewing as their savior, most will not forget the tough moments, like when he missed a final-second finger roll layup in the Conference Semi-Finals Game 7 to the Indiana Pacers.

The heartbreak was plenty in the Ewing era, but in the end, he brought electricity to the Garden for 15 years, and hope each season that the glory could finally return to the mecca of basketball.