The 15 greatest bigs in New York Knicks history

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The big man’s role in basketball encompasses exactly what it means to be a gritty hard working New Yorker as well as a New York Knicks player.

The New York Knicks have a rough road ahead in restoring their glory of the late 1960s and early 70s. In fact, they have a long way to go if they even want to become the Knicks of the 90s.

One of the hallmarks of Knicks history, though, has been the grit and grind player prototype, the true New Yorker who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work. And no position on a team meets that criteria better than the big man.

Traditional big men are hard to come across these days with the 3-and-D era in full throttle. While there are some valuable players still who play with their back to the rim or collect their checks by collecting rebounds, they are a dying breed.

Despite that truth, the Knicks have found gold in big men Mitchell Robinson and Noah Vonleh.

Regardless of today’s woes, the Knicks history is richer than more casual or young fans might realize. Here is a comprehensive look at the best big men the Knicks have ever had on their roster.