New York Knicks: Five reasons to not trade 2019 draft pick

New York Knicks Scott Perry, Steve Mills (Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)
New York Knicks Scott Perry, Steve Mills (Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /

4. If not Zion, there are other intriguing players

Zion Williamson will remain the talk of the 2019 NBA Draft through its build, and rightfully so. However, it’s not a one-man draft, with players through the top ten that makes this probably high pick worthwhile for the New York Knicks to keep.

  • RJ Barrett, SG/SF, Duke: Barrett was expected to receive the hype at Duke this season, but Williamson’s antics have usurped this notion. Still, this Canadian talent is a skilled slasher and a quality shooter as a 6-foot-7 wing. Place him next to Kevin Durant and Kevin Knox, and it’s a fascinating middle of the lineup.
  • Ja Morant, PG, Murray State: Perhaps the highest riser of any draft prospect, Morant looks the part as a team’s point guard of the future. The Knicks have a handful of players at this position, but do any of them offer more upside than the Murray State star?
  • Rui Hachimura, F, Gonzaga: Perhaps the most fascinating prospect outside of Williamson, Hachimura is a forward from Japan that would profile as a tweener, but offers an intriguing physical profile and a strong scorer inside the paint. Outside of it is a different story, but he’s hardly developed as a basketball player and three-point shooting can arrive eventually.
  • Cam Reddish, SG/SF, Duke: Reddish’s star has faded slightly due to a shooting percentage below 40.0, but he’s still an interesting wing that can shoot and play quality defense. Someone will take a chance on him early. If it’s the Knicks, he can play off the point guard and potentially next to Durant.

These are all fascinating players who could potentially don a Knicks uniform in 2019-20. All of them are worth the investment and enough to think twice of moving this likely high pick.