New York Knicks: 15 greatest individual performances of all-time

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John Starks, New York Knicks
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As one of the league’s preeminent franchises, the New York Knicks have seen a bevy of remarkable shows put on over the years by their players.

Despite their lack of championship success, the New York Knicks are widely regarded as one of the poster franchises in the NBA. The organization came into existence the same year the league did in 1946. Since that time they’ve been chugging along, trying like the other 29 teams to win as many titles as they can.

With so many players having passed through New York, terrific performances are bound to pop up here and there. Whether it be from the pantheon greats or maybe even some of their lesser-heralded role players over the years, the Knicks are no strangers to numbers being put up in bunches.

While postseason play is what truly ends up carving out a legacy, especially in New York City, this list is focusing on the best regular season showings put forth by members of the Knicks. The 82-game grind can be just that. To find a hot hand or summon the strength to put forth something special is a remarkable feat, even when the circumstances may not be at their highest.

Some of these displays of utter greatness are revered among NBA circles and have become a staple in the league’s rich archives. Others may fly somewhat under the radar, whether due to how terrific it was relative to other big-time games, or possibly because they simply get lost among the long list of memories just like it.

Either way, all 15 of these brought incredible joy to Knicks fans watching and deserve their own spot, no matter the size, in the team’s history.