New York Knicks: Should Hornacek and Noah mend their relationship?

New York Knicks Joakim Noah (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
New York Knicks Joakim Noah (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

With Joakim Noah no longer with the team, other players have had to take on his role. Could bringing him back help the New York Knicks on and off the floor?

Obviously, the relationship between head coach Jeff Hornacek and center Joakim Noah has grown cold over the year. Noah is no longer traveling with the team, and is rumored to be leaving the New York Knicks soon enough.

Should they mend their relationship, and try to move on?

With Hornacek and Noah leaving things on the wrong foot, Luke Kornet has taken a significant role with the Knicks. This has also forced Lance Thomas to play some power forward. However, if they can mend their relationship, I think it could be beneficial to both sides.

With Noah being under contract for the next two years, something has to give.

Benefits For Jeff Hornacek

Coach Hornacek has a very young team with a small amount of veteran leadership. Noah, in his 11th season in the NBA, is a seasoned veteran who can bring a wealth of leadership and experience to the locker room.

Although his attitude has become bitter due to a lack of playing time, he’s still known for being a great leader and ferocious competitor.

When Noah was healthy, he was able to contribute to the New York Knicks. Bringing him back as the backup center could hopefully revive some of that production, and give Noah a healthier mindset about being on the team.

This could lead to a leadership role that Noah is seemingly comfortable in.

If they can bring him in for a meeting to discuss options, an agreement can hopefully be achieved. Telling him that they would like him with the team for leadership and support, he should act professionally and do just that.

Helping him understand that they are no longer contending, and wanting to look at some young players is a key in reaching a level of understanding. This whole issue can be solved with better communication between player and coach.

Having Noah around the team with a healthy and happy mindset could lead to better production and improved team results.

I was at Madison Square Garden when he played his first game at home. When time ran out, the MSG crowd was chanting his name. After all, he used to be a great player in this league.

If I was Hornacek, I’d bring him back and hope he can help this team both on and off the floor.

Benefits For Joakim Noah

The benefit to Joakim Noah in this scenario is quite obvious: He’ll get to play. Even if he were to take a bench role, or a role where he would not play as often as he would like, he should still be willing to make something happen.

He’s making a ton of money, and could appreciate the investment that was made in him if he were given the opportunity to silence his critics on the court.

He always seemed to have a great attitude towards the game of basketball, and always succeeded in the role he was given. I think it’s time for him to realize that this happens to every player, and his time has come.

Go out strong and with pride. Be a leader and an example for those who are coming after you. It’s up to him how he wants to be remembered.

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As a New York Knicks fan, I know I’m rooting for Joakim Noah, as we all should.