Knicks Take to Social Media About Paris Attacks


On Friday the 13th there was multiple terrorist attacks on Paris. The attacks were the second deadliest on a Western city since 9/11.

The New York Knicks had a game against the Cavaliers while the initial information about the attacks were coming out. After the game, Knick’s players took to social media about the attacks.

Kevin Seraphin, who is a native of Cayenne, French Guiana and has “has a home and where he has “a lot of family” living in the French capital” as per Christian Red of the New York Daily News, had the most to say about the attacks. Seraphin spoke his mind to reporters after the game and took to social media as well.

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Understandably, Seraphin was really concerned for the well being of his family members and friends after the game.

"“A lot of family in Paris. My mom and dad are actually in New York. My brother is in Toronto. But I have a lot of family – uncles, cousins, aunts,”“I’m just done now (with the game). I talked to you guys before I’m back to texting (everyone).”"

Seraphin told reporters that he initially saw the news break on Twitter and told them how he felt when seeing it, as per Brian Lewis of the New York Post.

"“It’s terrible. … We don’t want to see people die like that. I saw it on Twitter. It was kind of scary because there’s nothing you can do. Just think about it: Some people went to see a soccer game, went to see a comedian and are [not] coming back home. You don’t really expect that. It’s scary. Now people are scared to go out or just do anything.”"

Seraphin later that night spilled his emotions over Twitter about the tragic events.

Knicks Take to Social Media About Paris Attacks

Jose Calderon

Calderon in 140 characters really nailed what every thought about the Paris attacks. Calderon also had a couple retweets on the matter.

TRANSLATION: Today, we are all Paris. Today, we are all France. All must condemn terrorism. #JeSuisParis #PAZ

TRANSLATION: Sad and dismayed. Our deepest condolences, solidarity and affection with the victims of the attacks and their families #TodosSomosParís

Cleanthony Early

Early retweeted Kyrie Irving.

Kyle O’Quinn

O’Quinn retweeted former teammate Maurice Harkless.

Sasha Vujacic

Vujacic took the Instagram to comment on the attacks.

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