Knicks News: Kristaps Porzingis Opens Up on Twitter Q & A


On October 24, 2015 New York Knicks‘ rookie Kristaps Porzingis held a Q&A for one hour, opening up on all subject matters.

Below are some of the non-basketball related questions, getting to know Porzingis on a personal level.

Of course the first question asked on the Q&A was about the recent pictures that surfaced of him wearing cornrows as a child, asking would he ever braid his hair again in the future.

Porzingis basically politely said no, even though earlier in the week his first response was “I loved the look and the girls loved it,” .

"you never know, but for now i dont think so lol"’s Jonah Ballow did some funny investigative reporting about Porzingis’ cornrows. Check out other player’s reaction to Porzingis’ cornrows below.

Porzingis revealed in the Twitter Q&A that the headband he was wearing in the picture featuring his cornrows was a Melo headband.

Speaking of girls, when asked if he had a preference, blondes or brunettes, Porzingis said that it doesn’t matter.

And as far as actress goes, it would seem our boy has a major crush on Margot Robbie.

Probably one of the MOST important question of the night was which nickname did he prefer and Porzingis kept it simple, saying just KP.

KP that is simple enough, can’t go wrong with that. With a foreign name, a fan asked how many times did people butcher his name and Porzingis said a 100 times. Lol

When asked what was his favorite holiday, of course like most people, it is Christmas.

With the holiday Halloween coming up, a fan asked Porzingis, who would he be dressed up as. Porzingis said he wants to dress up like the 5’0″ Danny Devito, so if you see a 7’3″ Danny Devito look alike out and about on Halloween in the city, it’s Porzingis.

"Danny Devito"

Continuing with the Halloween theme, a fan asked what was his favorite candy and Porzingis responded with

When asked which he preferred, peanut butter OR jelly, Porzingis said the only thing you can say.

I always think about this Family Guy skit whenever I hear peanut butter jelly.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Sticking to food questions, Porzingis was asked does he call sauce, sauce or gravy. Porzingis said sauce. Only Italians call sauce, gravy right? Correct me if I am wrong for my ignorance.


When asked what is his favorite restaurant in the city so far, Porzingis responded with Red Stixs. Red Stixs is a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Midtown.

Porzingis revealed that his favorite TV show growing up was Sirdsmīļā Monika, which was a 1999 Latvian remake of the of the American classic I Love Lucy. Sirdsmīļā Monika ran for two seasons.

When asked if he preferred Tupac or Biggie, Porzingis said he gotta go with Biggie. He is in New York now, so course he has to go with Biggie!

Porzingis was asked which other rappers does he like currently, and he responded with

Apparently Porzingis loves rap so much that he will be producing a rap video soon. That should be interesting…

But what is great is that there already is a Porzingis rap song!

When asked what his favorite car was, Porzingis said a

"benz s63 amg"

Favorite video game? FIFA 16, totally perpetuating the European stereotype and their love for soccer, I mean football.

When asked what would he do for a living if it was not for basketball, Porzingis responded with another sport.

"Be a professional Ping Pong player!"

With the last two responses, I guess it should not have come to a surprise that when asked which other sports does he like to play besides basketball, he responded with

When asked what his favorite color is, Porzingis showed his Knick pride, the orange and blue.

Personally I loved the Twitter Q&A, I think this was great for his PR, it really helps fans get to know the relatively unknown 20 year old Latvian rookie. Great to let fans get to know him a little bit better just before the regular season begins.

Awesome work Porzingis, keep it up on and off the court!

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