New York Knicks: 25 Greatest Players of All-Time

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1. Willis Reed

No player in New York Knicks history has the accolades of center Willis Reed. From postseason glory to individual recognition, Reed carved out a career as a player who was at his best when the stakes were at their highest.

In every sense of the word, Reed is a legend.

No. 19 won the NBA, All-Star Game and Finals MVP awards during his storied 1969-70 campaign. He was also named to the All-Defensive First Team and won another Finals MVP award in 1973.

To date, the Reed-led Knicks of 1970 and 1973 are the only championship teams in franchise history.

Reed isn’t as in the public eye as some other Knicks greats, but he’s as vital to the team’s history as any player has ever been. He was tough, dominant and one of the true powerhouses of his generation.

If not for Reed and his heroics, the Knicks may still be searching for their first NBA championship.

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