New York Knicks: 25 Greatest Players of All-Time

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17. Richie Guerin

In many ways, Richie Guerin was the original Dwyane Wade. He was a dynamic scorer who could take over games in virtually every way imaginable.

A six-time All-Star, Guerin was truly something special.

Guerin’s crown jewel of a season was 1961-62. He averaged 29.5 points, 6.9 assists and 6.4 rebounds per game, which solidified his place as one of the most complete and unstoppable forces in basketball.

With three All-NBA nods and ferocious competitive spirit, Guerin was one of the most respected players of his time.

Guerin was a true fan favorite. His tenacity on the court and personality off of it made him a personable figure, while his upbringing as a Bronx native made it even easier for New York fans to grow attached to him.

For true perspective of his individual greatness, Guerin had games of 57 points and 21 assists, respectively.

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