Knicks By The Numbers: The Best New York Knick By Jersey Number

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3 – John Starks (1991-1998). In eight seasons with the Knicks, Starks averaged 14.1 points and 4.0 assists per game. In those eight seasons, Starks was an all-star just once, but had countless defensive battles with guys like Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. He was the heart and soul of the Knicks while they made consistent playoff runs in the ‘90s, including their 1994 trip to the finals where they lost in seven to Houston. Stephon Marbury gets an honorable mention here, as his numbers were far greater than Starks’. However, Starbury failed to make the Knicks a winning team at any point. He was 100+ games under .500 in his four full seasons with the Knicks, representing a dark time in New York Knicks history.

In case you forgot about it, here is John Starks’ “The Dunk,” arguably the greatest dunk in New York Knick history.