2013 NBA All-Star Weekend: Steve Novak and James White both lose in first round


The Knicks were represented in Saturday Nights All Star Weekend Contests with James ‘high flying’ White in the Dunk contest and Steve ‘discount double check’ Novak in the three point contest.  Novak in a poll by Bleacher Report was only behind Stephen Curry (2:1 odds) with an 11:4 odds of winning the contest. White who has participated in many dunk contests overseas was also a favorite.  However Novak and White both lost in the first round.

2013 3-point Contest 

First Round:


Stephen Curry (Warriors) –  Curry was a complete disappointment .  He finished with 17 points, hitting the last 3 money balls.  It was not enough to get out of the first round.

Ryan Anderson (Hornets)- Anderson in the first half of the regular season lead the NBA in 3 points made with  a total of 159.  He hit 4 of 5 money ball shots to finish with 18 points.

Matt Bonner (Spurs)- called by Kobe Bryant as the “Red Mamba”, Bonner finished with  19 points, hitting 3 of 5 money balls.  With the highest point total from the west, he made it to the final round.


Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers)- he got off to a slow start but finished with 18 points, hitting 3 of 5 money balls and advance to the next round.

Steve Novak (Knicks  –  Novak hits 4 of 5 on the first two racks looking like hes heading to the finals, but then cools off to finish with 17 points, one point behind Irving who makes it to the finals.

Steve Novak 2013 3 point Contest

Paul George (Pacers)- he missed every shot on the first rack and wasn’t able to get the money ball off on the final rack.  He finishes with 10 points.

Final Round:


Kyrie Irving:  Irving hits his first 7 shots and all of them from the straightaway to finish with 23 points


Matt Bonner: After getting off to a slow star, Bonner starts to get hot.  But it wasn’t enough as he finished with 20 points.

Here’s a look at the final round of the 3 point contest

2013: Champion – Kyrie Irving

Feb 16, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Eastern Conference guard Kyrie Irving (2) of the Cleveland Cavaliers holds the trophy after winning the 2013 NBA All-Star three-point contest at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2013 Slam Dunk Contest Recap:

In all the years, I’ve watched the dunk contest, this was by far the least spectacular. There were two players that did not even put the ball through the hoop in the alotted time, and the judges were handing out 50s way too easily.  Also who wants to see a Jeremy evans vs. Terrence Ross Finals. We need Blake Griffin and Lebron James next year!!

First 2 Rounds:


Gerald Green (Indiana): 50 first round, 32 second round

Gerald Green’s first dunk was nice but definitely not deserving of a 50 – he tossed it off the side of the backboard and slammed it for a reverse dunk. His second dunk, he could not finish in the alotted 1 min 30 sec so they gave him the minimum 32.

James White (Knicks): 45 first round, 32 second round

James White first dunk was supposed to be from the free throw line. Instead it was about a foot short, but he still got some nice air time and would get the award for the best use of props,  bringing out gorgeous women in flight attendent suits.  His second dunk, like Gerald Green did not happen in the time given and was given the minimum score.  He waisted way too much time running up and down the court.

Here’s James White’s  first dunk

Terrence Ross (Raptors): 50 first round, 49 second round

Terrence Ross had two creative dunks that involved spins and switching of hands.  Here is his dunk that received a 50.


Kenneth Faried (Nuggets)- first round 39, 50 second round

Faried’s first dunk was a little wimpish – he threw the ball off the backboard and finished with a 360 dunk.  His second dunk on the other had was fantastic – he once again threw it off the backboard but this time catches it in his left hand,goes between his legs and finishes with his right hand.

Eric Bledsoe (Clippers) – 39 first round, 50 in second round

Both his dunks were less than spectacular, but the judges seemed to really liek his secodn dunk as he through it up to himself and cathces it for a windmill.

Jeremy Evans (Jazz) –  47 first round, 43 second round

The reigning dunk champion first dunks over Mark Eaton sitting down in a chair, holding the ball up for Evans to catch and dunk.  His second dunk was also nice where he puts two balls in the hoop at once.

Final Round: After a series of nice dunks by both finalists, Terence Ross wins the fans vote and beats Jeremy Evans in the finals.

Terrence Ross 1st Final Round Dunk

Terrence Ross 2nd Final Round Dunk 

Jeremy Evans 1st Final Round Dunk

Jeremy Evans 2nd Final Round Dunk

2013 Slam Dunk Contest Winner: Terrence Ross

Feb 16, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Toronto Raptors guard Terrence Ross hoists the slam dunk trophy during the 2013 NBA all star slam dunk contest at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports