Tyson Chandler needs to be more involved in Knicks’ Offense


There is not a lot wrong in Knicks land right now. The team has four losses, all on the road, and they have been playing pretty much up to expectations, maybe a little beyond them.

Nov. 26, 2012; Brooklyn, NY, USA; New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler (6) reacts on the court against the Brooklyn Nets during the first half at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Woodson has done a masterful job with the rotation and getting the Knicks to play like an entire team on both ends of the floor, especially on defense. We know the offense runs through Carmelo Anthony and it seems like a different second scorer steps up every other game. It’s time for a big name and highly paid player to elevate his offensive game and that is Tyson Chandler.

I’m not only saying this because Chandler is coming off his career high 28 points against the Nets (great defense Mr. Lopez), I have been saying this for a while now. It just amazes me how you are a professional basketball player and you visibly struggle with the basketball in your hands. You have been playing this game your entire life; you had to get to this level by knowing how to put the ball in the hoop! I have no complaints about Chandler on defense, rebounding, being a leader, and hustling. Not many do a better job than he does in those categories, but it’s time for the Knicks to get a little more out of Chandler at the offensive side of the floor.

Chandler is an established NBA player and winner. He anchored the Dallas Mavericks team to their historic NBA Finals win against the Miami Heat. His defense was played at an elite level, as it was on the Team USA Gold medal team and how he has played in New York these past two seasons. But at this point of his career, the value he brings to the Knicks, he has start getting involved more in the offense and develop a post-game.

Chandler is 7’1″. His height gives him an obvious advantage which I don’t believe he uses correctly on offense. The man needs to learn a few simple moves to do when he is in the post. Hook shot, quick spin move, close fadeaway or a swift move straight to the rack. Something has to be done to get your 7’1″; $58 million man involved the offense more.

He is awesome with the put back dunks and getting the ball on a strong drive with a pass. Chandler needs more of these opportunities in hopes of taking some pressure off the other players and putting some of it on himself. If opposing defenses saw him as a threat, all of the scoring pressure wouldn’t all be on Anthony and the guards can have a big man they could trust with the ball.

The Knicks need a few things to be a real contender. They need Iman Shumpert and Amar’e Stoudemire back healthy to get them more explosiveness and give them more depth. But if Chandler can start giving the Knicks a solid 12-16 points a game and still give them those big energy put back dunks that gets everyone’s blood boiling, the Knicks’ offense can create another dimension before Amar’e and Shump come back.

It can’t hurt if you get your 7’1″ NBA professional center more involved the offense. The more options that Woodson has, the more games the Knicks will win.