New York Knicks: Best Replacements for Jeremy Lin if Star Leaves New York


Now with free agency eight days away, the New York Knicks –like every other team in NBA—will be looking to address holes in their roster. One of the Knicks’ biggest woes among of other things was their lack of a serviceable floor general. Indeed the historic emergence Jeremy Lin seemed to be (and still maybe) the answer to this problem, Lin will be a restricted free agent this summer and there’s a chance he could leave for money—more than the Knicks’ mid level exception.  With that in mind, here are five options the Knicks should consider to replace Lin if he decides to bolt come free agency time.

1.    Deron Williams: Unrestricted/Brooklyn Nets

Indeed the only way this could ever happen would be in trade iinvolving Carmelo Anthony. Although I believe in Anthony’s talent (when motivated) he just not the right “fit” for the personnel in New York. Just like Phil Jackson stated, Amar’e Stoudemire (and the rest of the Knicks) are geared to play in a certain way—a more up-tempo way.

Obtaining Williams would allow the Knicks to run a more efficient offense, one that will see Stoudemire produce All-Star numbers once again.  While in Brooklyn, the Nets’ front office could build a team around Anthony properly with their available cap space.

2.    Steve Nash: Unrestricted/Phoenix Suns

An acquisition that makes a lot of sense, especially since Nash lives in New York during the summer and has recently stated he would definitely consider coming to the Big Apple. If Nash came to the Knicks, he could probably figure out a way for both Anthony and Stoudemire to be utilized productively on offense.

On the flipside, how can the New York brass convince Nash to take less money (with only a mid level exception as a bargaining chip) to play for the Knicks when he could get a lot more money from another contender.

Along with this, Nash would be a short term fix at point guard with Nash being able to play at a high level for probably two more years. The Knicks will be scrambling for a playmaker once again.

3.    Goran Dragic: Unrestricted/ Houston Rockets

Steve Nash’s protégé back in Phoenix is oozing with potential—first witnessed in his amazing fourth quarter performance against the Spurs in 2010 playoffs.  Since then Dragic has shown that he’s more than a undersized two guard, but can actually run a team with his leadership in Kyle Lowry’s absence this season for the Rockets. Dragic has shown he can start in the league on the Knicks he would be a younger option that is more than capable running the offense in the city that never sleeps.

4.    Ramon Sessions: Unrestricted/ Los Angeles Lakers

The combo guard is versatile at either guard position. He can score off the dribble and live in the paint just like Lin while also facilitating and getting his teammates involved. I still believe Session still has room to grow and would be a nice addition to the Knicks providing scoring punch and stability at the point guard position.

5.    Raymond Felton: Unrestricted/Portland Trail Blazers

Two year’s ago Felton had great success with the Knicks and can do it again if he’s back at the Garden. This is because he will have something to prove. He would  motivated to show his season in Portland was an anomaly and he will come back to the Knicks’ in better shape and ready to get this team into the playoffs.