Brandon Roy: Three Reasons Why The New York Knicks Could Be A Fit For Former All-Star’s Comeback


Six  months ago, Brandon Roy announced his retirement from basketball because of his degenerative knees and shortly after the Portland brass requested waivers for Roy choosing him as their amnesty player. After this unfortunate circumstance many fans wondered if this was the last  they’ve seen of Roy.

Fast forward to last week, with multiple rumors claiming that Roy has confirmed a potential comeback next season, basketball fans have one more thing to be excited for  next season. With Roy not able to return to Portland till his contract expires in 2015, the All-Star scoring guard will be looking for a new home. Here are three reason why the Knicks would be intriguing fit for his much awaited comeback.

1. Roy’s versatility would fit in seamlessly into the Knicks roster.

At peak form, Roy has skills that rivals any scoring guard in the league today. This is simply because the versatility he has established in short tenure in league–averaging at least 16.8 points and at least 4 rebounds and assists during this time. Roy can do virtually anything on the court offensively, and with great size and strength( 6’6 and 211 pounds) he can get to his “sweet” spots at will against most defenders.

Roy’s versatility would be greatly appreciated by the Knicks where they could place him in a variety of situations with success. Whether it’s playing off-guard, being the primary ball-handler, or even playing small forward in a small lineup, Roy brings a lot to the table. Because of Roy’s offensive capabilities, he will be able to relieve some scoring burden from Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire adding a new dimension to the Knicks’ offense by making it even more potent and efficient.

2. The Knicks need a consistent bench scorer.

Although Roy has all the skills needed to be starter is this league, he would be better coming off the bench for this Knicks’ team. With J.R. Smith unsure about his contract option and Iman Shumpert recovering from a torn ACL and meniscus injury, the Knicks second unit will be lacking firepower. Off the bench, Roy will be the focal point of the offense receiving more than enough touches to keep him happy. In essence Roy will be bringing the same type of production, James Harden brings to the Oklahoma City Thunder, with the similarity in scoring ability and court vision.

3. Roy’s competitive drive would establish a winning culture in New York.

Roy has proven to be a fierce competitor willing to take and make the big shots during crunch time. For instance,  despite his knees noticeably slowing his progression, he had a historic playoff performance against the Dallas Mavericks in last year’s playoffs,  scoring 18 fourth quarter points in a come from behind win against the soon to be NBA Champions.

Most importantly, Roy will have something to prove next season. On draft night, Roy saw his draft stock drop because of his knee problem and he has since then made his mission to prove his doubters wrong–becoming rookie of the year and an All-Star thus far. What better place is there  to prove all his doubters wrong than the New York? Who are also trying to prove they’re among the “East Elites.”  Roy’s competitive drive will keep the Knicks hungry and motivated to achieve success this season.

If Roy came to the Knicks, the New York brass had definitely made the move to put the Knicks’ over the hump and will definitely be as  “loaded” as David Stern thinks.