New York Knicks Season Ends in Miami, Future Uncertain For Many.


The New York Knicks lockout shortened came to a depressing end with a 106-94 loss in Miami, ending the series 4-1. The Knicks have not won a playoff series since the Jeff Van Gundy era back in the 1999-2000 season.

Coming off their first playoff win in 13 games, Knicks nation felt more confident rather than nervous going into Miami for Game 6. Amar’e Stoudemire played like the Amar’e of last year, Carmelo Anthony played like he is the best scorer in the league, and everything just went the Knicks way.

Game 6 was a different story.

Like every game in this series, the Knicks played at the Heat’s level.  Mike Bibby, the starting point guard after Baron Davis’s knee gave out, feeded early off comments made by Dwyane Wade towards the veteran point guard saying “We know Mike has made more shots in this series than he made all last year (with the Heat), send that to Mike.” Mike got the message alright, coming out firing in the 1st quarter, scoring 8 points off of a pair of threes.

As we have all seen throughout this playoff series is the inconsistent officiating. Landry Fields received a technical after fouling LeBron James as he drove to the hoop. Landry didn’t nag the official, like a lot of players in this series; he just showed a first reaction, which you are allowed to do. The ref blew his whistle real quick. This just KILLS the momentum of any team. There isn’t a foul he is called for or foul he thinks that should have been called that “King” LeBron doesn’t make a stupid face. That he doesn’t say something. He is one of the biggest babies in the league, and poor Landry gets Teed before you can even say New York Knicks.

It didn’t get much prettier for the Knicks.

If you follow my writing (which I hope you do!) you would know my favorite game to play is the “Will JR Smith shoot the ball?” game. I can imagine it makes for a very dangerous drinking game, which might have been needed tonight. JR Smith shot fifteen times.

He made three. Three.

I have no problem with Carmelo putting the ball up 31 times, because honestly who else is going too? Toney Douglas? Jared Jeffries? Landry Fields? He earned the right to shoot, scoring 35 points.

The Heat just did what they wanted. Lead by LeBron James with 29, with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both chipping in with 19. Their defense again was impeccable, holding the Knicks to 30 percent from the field.

Now where do the Knicks go? Major decisions have to be made, starting with the head coach.

No one would have a problem with Mike Woodson coming back, but how do you say no to Phil Jackson if he comes calling?

Do the Knicks have enough faith in Jeremy Lin to give him a long-term deal? Or are his 15 minutes up?

Big bench decisions need to be made also with JR “I am defiantly going to shoot this ball” Smith, Steve Novak who led the league in three percentage,  Jeffries,  Fields and Bibby all possibly having new homes next year.

Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Iman Shumpert are definite for the future. The rest needs to be figured out to make this a championship caliber team.

Hate to say this but there’s always next year.